Year: 2017

Corporations Playing in the Margins Are Getting Destroyed

Why would a company like Uber, fully capable of going public and garnishing a boatload of cash in the process, choose to stay private? Well first, they already have a boatload of cash. They have taken in $15 billion to

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Jobs to be Done Theory at McDonald’s – The Sunday Night Caper

Why is the Innovator’s Dilemma not good enough to protect incumbents? Leading economist Clayton Christensen recently came out with a book describing a new theory which attempts to help companies having trouble innovating. This was in part an attempt to

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Why Digital Matters

In the realm of business, Digital is fundamentally shifting the playing field in two fundamental areas.  Internally, Digital will automate and improve many complex operations within a company and also will produce valuable insights through advanced analytics.  Externally, Digital will shift the balance of

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