Rethinking Digital Transformation

I have received some interesting feedback regarding my recent article in Forbes on how to approach your digital transformation within your corporation.  After reviewing the feedback it struck me that there seems to be much less interest in the technology and much more interest in how technology is changing the world.  It could be the audience, but during the three speaking engagements I have had this year, the questions are mostly about how leaders can drive the change necessary to take advantage of digital technologies.

This is a welcome sign considering most of the viewers of my content moved up through the ranks within the IT or engineering verticals.

For me this is another sign of digital disruption.

The advent of new technologies may be moving towards a state of ubiquity.  What was once the domain of the few who would be considered master developers is now open to the masses due to the technologies which allow for even the most junior people to develop bullet proof solutions in a very short period of time.

We have seen the same thing happen in non IT product development.  The most complex products can now be developed and manufactured by anyone with some technical know how and the ability to find information on the web that support their efforts.  I guess I was blind to the fact that the very same tools that allow for disruption in the non IT sector is also disrupting IT!

Just as I would advice those who are still living in the analog world in any field, IT leaders must also recognize that they are vulnerable to disruption and need to adopt the same digital mindset as their non IT peers.

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